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Availability calender for your website
Simple and cheap calendars for your holiday homepages.

Tilgængelighed kalender

Do you have a holiday home

Then you need our availabilty calendar. It's probably the simplest and cheapest available on the internet.

No technical expertise required. Nothing to install. You can create and embed availability calendars on your website within minuttes. Just generate embed codes and paste them on your homepage

Use two minuttes and try it now!

How does it work?

The days available to your visitors are displayed on the availability calendar. Nothing else is displayd to the public. Yes, it's that simple1!

Simply create a calender and load calendar events from your online calendar. Then generate embed codes for the calendar and paste the codes on your homepage. Nothing else is needed.

Create calendars

Create as many calendars as you need and embed the calendars on as many websites as you want.

Embed the calendar on your homepage

Paste embed codes on your website with a few mouseclicks.


Works on all types of websites. Everything from advanced Wordpress to raw and simple one page websites.

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