Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the availability calendar?

The availability calendar is a calendar that displays an overview over the days a holiday home or any other resource is available. The calendar only knows about days.

The calendar works by importing events from other calendars. If some event exists for a specific day then that day is no longer marked as available in the calendar. Availabilty calendar can import online calendars from Google, Apple, Microsoft or other vendors that use ICS calendar files.

The availability calendar does not know or display booking information. It's sole purpose is to display availabilty.

What can it be used for?

If you have an holiday home, cottage, boat or anything that you want to make available to the public on a per day base, then you need the availabilty calendar

Can the availability calendar be embeded in my website?

Yes it can. You can embed the availability calendar on any website. You can generate embed codes that you can paste on one or multiple webpages on a website.

Can it be used to make bookings?

No! The calendar is intended to display availability and not to manage bookings.

Your visitors can not make bookings through the calendar as such functionality does not exist. Visitors can only view available days.

The calendar has functionality to make private notes, f.ex dates and contact information. If your needs are very simple then the note functionality can be used as a very light and cheap booking system. However, specialized booking software is recomended.

Free software from Microsoft, Google og Apple supply usable booking functionality for free and can eksport icalendar (iCS) files to our system with ease.

How many calendars can i have?

As many as you need. Just create the amount you need.

Can i try it for free?

Yes. Just create a subscription. Payment is allways at end of month, so you can cancel the subscription or ignore the payment. We will not charge you or accept payment for the last month of your subscription.

Is my data safe?

We only access your public data from your other calendars and do not store your data.